Accessible Travel/Special Needs Travel

It’s Big, Wide Accessible World, Go Explore and Enjoy!

Did you ever cancel a trip because of a bad knee or other mobility impairment? Have you avoided cruises and family events that require travel for fear you’ll need oxygen mid-trip? Relax. Today’s world is more accessible than ever, and for anyone with special requirements for traveling, there’s a world of information and help waiting for you. It’s disappointing to be left behind or to have to leave a loved one behind because of a physical limitation or special travel need. Not having everyone around diminishes the fun for those who do make the trip, especially if the trip is a family event. Out of town weddings, family celebrations, reunions and multi-generational trips are simply more fun and more memorable for everyone, when every member of the family or group can participate.

I am pleased to announce my Certification Completion with Special Needs Group.
As a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate®, I am now able to the meet the
requests of the special needs, mobility challenged, and mature market segments.
For those traveling on cruises or land-based vacations requiring mobility
equipment, oxygen, and/or special needs equipment, please reach out to me.

Portable oxygen
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