Celebrating life special events and milestones can give us the greatest joy. Let’s plan it together!
Turning my passion and talents into a full time career move as a Events Planner is a very exciting move for me. I have always been the person in my family to organize momentous celebrations and important events. It is what makes me happy. I love to see the joy in their faces. I love to turn dreams into reality! I have past experience in planning wedding, Golden Anniversary party and 50th Birthday Celebrations and other events. I have expert experience in working in customer service related field. I have a Bachelors and Masters degrees. I have extensive experience in travel and working with people from every background and culture. I specialize is attention to details, listening skills, relationship building, multitasking, flexibility and organizational skills.
I would love to set up a free consultation with you and just get to know what your dream event is and how you picture that special day! Please text or call or email me info below.