Reunions and Retreats


Whether you are organizing a family reunion, high school, college reunion or corporate retreats or I can help you plan all the details for you. Don’t underestimate all the work that goes into planning your reunion or a retreat. I recommend starting your plans 1 year in advance. There are so many ideas for how to celebrate this occasion that I have. the event and location. It can be local or a destination location such as a cruise ship or renting a home away from, home or retreat locations for the group. I have the right tools and apps at my finger tips to organize the event location, schedule activities, transportation and collect individual payment from your reunion or retreat participants.


  • Research Location for event
  • Work with group budget
  • Date and time confirmed with venue for event
  • Send out and keep track of invites and RSVP’s
  • Sent out reminders for when payments due for accommodations
  • Organize all vendors needed for and or guest speaker
  • Complete administrative tasks such as: post-group debriefing, follow-up, surveys, billing and collecting retreat payment, prepare and receive contracts and deposit forms, etc.
  • Arrange transportation for participants when necessary
  • make sure all guest and participants have schedules with pertinent info updates
  • Communicate with organizers throughout planning process

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